VAT and excise refunds from abroad

Tax return made easy!

Shell enables you to claim back taxes you have paid abroad – not only do you get a refund faster, but you also get it with minimum paperwork. Fuel invoices paid with the Shell Card are automatically included.

Benefits for your business:

  • Saving time. Get your funds back in a flash. Instead of waiting several months for your VAT refund, the Shell Card enables you to get your refund in as little as two weeks.
  • No unnecessary paperwork. Fuel invoices paid with the Shell Card are sent directly to FDE.
  • Refunds from over 30 countries. Shell can help you reclaim VAT on fuel purchased in most European countries.


Shell’s partnership with FDE A/S enables Shell Card customers to enjoy an easy and efficient refund.

Fast VAT refund

In as little as 2 weeks from the date of invoice. Service available in almost 20 European countries for invoices issued on Shell Card transactions.

Standard VAT refund

Tax refund amount transferred at the time of actual reimbursement by the tax authorities. The only way to recover VAT in countries where accelerated invoicing is not allowed or impossible.

Excise tax refund

Assistance in obtaining a partial refund of the excise duty on diesel purchased in: Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.